The Truth about Kids and Money: Confessions of a Spender trying to Raise Money Smart Kids!

Let’s be honest, it’s a bit ironic that I am launching a company that teaches kids about finances and money.    I will start my first blog by telling you that I am a spender and I always have been.  I am now also a parent who is hoping to teach her kids that money does not grow on trees and that you have to work for what you want and save for your future.   The goal here is to NOT raise entitled little brats.   I am definitely not a financial expert but I do know and understand all of the core principles.    My stories here won’t proclaim that I am frugal or a penny pincher (great if you are, I am jealous😊) because I am not and everyone in my life can attest to that.    I do spoil my kids at times, I love doing fun things with them which unfortunately, usually cost money.  I love spending money on them, on myself, my husband, family and friends.  I love a good time out, I LOVE vacations…so there, I am glad I got that out off my chest.

Starting MoneyCubez was originally just an idea to have “cooler” looking banks in the kid’s room but then I realized that it is much more than that.  I had an opportunity to create a brand focused around teaching good money habits early.  My boys really have no clue where money comes from and it can be a really hard concept for young children to understand.  My goal is to teach them that money doesn’t grow on trees, that mom and dad work hard for our money and that it is important to SAVE, GIVE and SPEND on things that are important to them.  

 The goal is to raise money smart, non-entitled children that understand what to do with their money when they get it.  So join me on this journey and let’s try to figure this out together. 


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  • KZ! Love. Love. Love this post. Keep leveraging your ENTERPRISER core value to drive financial empowerment for all kids. This is a huge idea. My 💙 is full for you. So proud of how you took our brand foundation work and are bringing it to life. Keep inspiring us. Reach out ANYTIME you need support or guidance. My Best, Rich Keller

    Rich Keller

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