The Truth about Kids and Money: “But Mom, why do you have to work?”

My kids have never known anything different.  From the moment they were all born, I was working in Corporate America, launching hairbanglez, consulting on the side and dreaming up new ideas like MoneyCubez.  It’s a choice that my husband and I made long ago.  Actually, I don’t think we ever even had a discussion about it.   I just knew that I would never stay home full time (god bless all the SAHM, I salute you!) and we enjoy an amazing life that requires both of our incomes now.   I love working most days and couldn’t imagine life any other way…. except for the days when my boys have said “but, mom, why do you have to work?”

It only started recently with my 7-year-old and it took me by surprise.   He has been in daycare/aftercare since he was 12 weeks old.  We were lucky enough to find the most amazing daycare that gave me the comfort of knowing that my kids were in a loving place as I advanced my career.   As they get older though, I find that it’s getting harder.  No after school playdates for my kids and limited after school activities since we both work full time.  I try to explain to them why it’s important that their dad and I work and that we are working hard to give them this great life.  Ten times out ten, it goes above their little heads as they are only concerned with their immediate needs and wants.  My hope is that someday they understand why we made the choices we did…to raise them at the beach, in the most incredible town and to give them experiences that will shape the men that they will someday will come.    

Cheers to raising Money Smart Kids!   Do your kids question why you do or don’t work?? 

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