The Truth About Kids and Money: Grandparent Spoiling

  • “Do you want money for your MoneyCube? Here you go, let me empty my wallet!”
  • “Grammy, can you order me XYZ on Amazon?”…..”Sure, sweet boy, it will arrive tomorrow!”
  • “Mimi, can we go to Dick’s to get MORE sports stuff?”…..”Sure, let’s hop in the car and go right away”
  • Candy, ice cream, out to dinner? “Yes, yes, yes, yes”

Life really does come full circle when you become grandparent, or it definitely seems that way.   My parents and in-laws just LOVE to spoil our boys and I have a feeling that most grandparents take great joy in doing so.    I am convinced that they find such joy now because they certainly didn’t spoil us like this growing up.  

While this does negate all the lessons I am trying to instill in the boys, I know that it is all with good intent and more importantly, love.  And probably pent up frustration after saying NO to me for SO many years.  I know I look forward to the day when I do the same for my sweet grandbabies and my grown boys will roll their eyes when I say YES to everything they ask for.   That is the full circle moment - if my parents want to spoil, go right ahead.  I will just start back on Monday, saying “NO, you have to earn it, work for it and save for it” – just like they did after I spent time with my spoiling grandparents growing up. That is balance and the circle of life and parenting!

Do your parents spoil your kids?    

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