The Truth about Kids and Money: The tale of two very different BFF’s

It really is the sweetest story….I have a BFF, literally FOREVER.  Our first-born sons are our godchildren, she was my maid of honor.  We are forever friends in the truest sense of the word.   My parents moved to Cold Spring Drive in the winter of 1978 when they were pregnant with me.   They bought a cute house on a lovely street and as fate would have it, they moved right next door to a family who had 2 little girls of their own.  I was born in May of that year and EXACTLY 10 months later (do the math, friends), my BFF was born.  She is the third girl of family that has become our framily for the past 41 years.    She is important to me for so many reasons but one in particular as it relates, MoneyCubez.

I am a spender, as I already confessed to earlier.  She is a saver.  She always has been, she always will be.  These two simple facts have now made wonder whether or not money habits are learned or just innate in who we are.  I can tell you that one of her other sisters is NOT a saver so part of me thinks that it just might be part of who we are, regardless of our parents spending/saving habits.     She would manage to come home from beach vacations with more money than she started with.  WHAT?  How was that possible?  I, on the other hand, would come home with zero money and a bunch of fun junk.  I spent it, I spent it on whatever I wanted and always came home empty handed.    The best is Halloween and Easter.   I LOVED candy and so did she!  The difference was……I ate ALL of my candy in a day and she would save her candy for months and months and months.  She would hide it from me in the heating vents of her room because she knew that if I found it, I would beg her for piece.   I could never understand how she did that.  It just fascinated me and blew my mind.

Regardless, she’s my best friend so none of this matters but it does make me think…is spending innate in us regardless of what our parents taught us about money?  Nature vs Nuture?   Would love your thoughts.  Do your kids vary in their spending and saving habits?  It’s still too early for me to tell with my boys!



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