The TRUTH About Kids & Money: Family Feature #3, The Walker Family!

So excited to introduce you to the incredible Walker family from Needham, MA!  Enjoy our last Family Feature of 2019...Can't wait to feature all of our new families in 2020.

Walker Family  Jackson, 7; CC, 6; Lucy, 4

Where do your kids think money comes from? “The bank” & “Working” and recently a frequent visitor in our house..."The Tooth Fairy!"

Funny Money Moment- CC lost 2 teeth in one night a few weeks ago. She immediately said “the tooth fairy needs to give me DOUBLE the money tonight” and was sure to leave a note! (see pic); Also, CC talks about wanting to live at home with her parents for her entire life so when she is working, she can save all of her money for herself and not spend it on a house or food. Wouldn't that be nice!! 


Allowance?  Our kids do not get an allowance yet. We have talked about it but the concept is not entirely rolled out yet. We are looking at this to be a 2020 initiative!

Are you kids savers or spenders?  Our kids are spenders! They are more than happy to give money from their MoneyCubez towards their Scholastic Book orders, a special trip to the local toy store or to help Mom when she needs to tip the pizza delivery guy. We do talk often about saving towards something “big” instead of spending it on small little items at the store and they seem to really “get” it when we point out what costs what in “real life" at a store. When they are spending their own money, they are definitely more thoughtful about how far their money goes.

How is your family using your GivingCube?  We have recently learned about and are talking about people & children who might be homeless. So we decided that we are using our Giving Cube to collect money so we can give someone who is homeless “a toy, a stuffed animal, a snuggly blanket, some food & water.”

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