Copy of Why I Started MoneyCubez


I never have a cash on me anymore! Do you? The amazing convenience of Venmo, digital payment options, credit cards and online banking has changed how we all view money. As parents, trying to teach kids the value of money without tangible cash is a real issue. I know I’m not the only mom that is struggling with this as we raise our kids in the 21st century!  



I’ll confess, I am a spender! I have been one for as long as I can remember, and I come from a family of spenders (sorry mom and dad!). The minute I got a dollar I couldn’t wait to spend it. I was always fascinated by my best friend, Jamie and her innate ability to save every dollar and never spend a dime. I was always begging to borrow some!

Fast forward to today, I am still a spender but strive every day to save for our future while still indulging in things and experiences that bring joy to our life. I want to teach my kids to SAVE, ENJOY and GIVE and believe that there is a balance to do it all once the foundation is set.


As the mom of 3 little boys under 7 years old, I have an entire collection of ceramic pigs personalized with their sweet names, birth dates and weights on them. They are filled with coins, cash and who knows what else! 

As my babies turned into little boys, I realized that their piggybanks became distant memories of their baby years and were just collecting dust high on a shelf. As they began to earn money from chores and grandparent spoiling, they needed somewhere to save it all. They also needed something cool and more mature to entertain their curiosity and visually see their savings grow. Nothing I found seemed to work. I found that having an interactive and fun way of learning is way more effective with kids and thus, MoneyCubez was born!


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